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Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Bosch Integrus is a state-of-the-art digital system for simultaneous interpretation and audio signal distribution. The system enables translation into up to 32 work languages. Bosch Integrus digital interpretation system uses infrared signal transmission. It guarantees the best sound quality both in mono- and in stereo format. Digital signal transmission ensures high quality signal, immune to interference of room lighting or sunlight, with no impact on performance of other devices, such as remote control sets.

The interpreter desk has been developed in cooperation with international organizations of conference interpreters. The desk has a modern design and meets the highest ergonomic and technical standards.

Simultaneous interpretation system is part of the conference system. Interpreters listen to the presentations, questions and answers through the headsets, with the sound coming from the microphone system installed in the room.

Discussion Systems

We offer conference systems Bosch DCN NG (New Generation) for your events. The system has been developed based on many years of experience in conference technical management, combined with latest know-how and customer’s requirements.

Bosch digital discussion system is user-friendly and versatile, with numerous additional facilities to offer – both in large congress halls or small boardrooms. The microphone system can be used for sound amplification in the room and for audio recording of the meeting.

For challenging technical tasks at conferences the discussion microphone system is computer-controlled.

New stylish and ergonomic design, immunity to mobile phone interference, superb audio quality (20 Hz – 20 kHz), use of one microphone unit for two conference participants, possibility to connect to simultaneous interpretation system (up to 32 work languages), easy integration of the discussion system with an automatic video camera – all these are excellent reasons for choosing Bosch DCN NG system and support of experienced Eventech staff for your conference.

Video conference systems

Eventech offers video conference services with Polycom HDX™ 9000 series, ensuring HD signal transmission and reception. By using our video conference services you gain several important benefits:

Video conferences enhance productivity. Whatever part of the world your partner happen to be, you can contact him/her “face-to-face” and resolve a problem just as efficiently as if you both were in the same meeting room. There is an increasing demand for video conferences at universities and health care facilities, because they enable high quality transmission of lectures, presentations or real-time medical procedures, etc.

Video conferences can reduce your expenses. This applies particularly to travel costs. In the course of one day you can organize a series of videoconference bridges with colleagues or customers in different countries or regions of the world. Besides, one should not overlook travel risks and safety concerns for your staff which currently tend to increase.

Video conferences save time, particularly, when it comes to company workers who have to travel frequently. With video conferencing they spend less time at airports, on trains, ferries and in cars. Executives and specialists may devote more time to company development.

When choosing a video conference service you should consider the following: the number of video conference participants, the number of endpoints you will connect to during the video conference, and the protocol (ISDN or IP) you will use. Another essential aspect – are you going to demonstrate materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation, from your computer during the videoconference.

To ensure the success of your video conference, please contact us and Eventech specialists will offer you the best solution.