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Eventech transforms your creative ideas into memorable events


Images can be projected onto almost anything, limited only by your imagination. Make a statement by projecting onto a building, 3D map content onto an unusual surface, large widescreen blends, theatrical set pieces or screens at a Corporate Event or  Private Entertainment’s. The options are boundless and we have all the latest technology to make it happen. .
Eventech has a large selection of high brightness projector products, each chosen for their unique qualities from manufacturers like Barco, Nec and Christie which all provide near silent running, sophisticated blending and manipulation capabilities.


Eventech offers mobile video projection screens Da-Lite consisting of frame modules and Gerriets Giant Screens
Portable easy-to-use Da-Lite screens with tripod are a sensible solution for small conference halls where the image quality and mobility are important. These screens are portable, user-friendly, easy to mount and move. A special metal casing protects the screen fabric in transportation. We can supply the following screen sizes: 1.80m x 1.80m and 2.00m x 1.53m. These screens are meant only for front projection.
Da-Lite screens with modular building block frame – a perfect solution for medium- and large-size conference halls. The projection screen system consists of a modular aluminium frame, the screen material and adjustable T-legs. The screens can be assembled quickly and easily, they are light with a sturdy and stable frame, which allows both front- and rear-projection.
We offer for hire  Da-Lite screens in the following sizes: 6.00m x 4.50m; 4.27m x 3.20m and 3.05m x 2.29m.
We offer for hire  Gerriets Giant screens in the following sizes: 12m x 4.m; 20m x 5m and custom sizes available.
To ensure the success of your video- or PowerPoint presentation, please contact us and Eventech specialists will offer you the best solution.

Plasma & LCD Screen

Eventech offers plasma- and LCD- screens of various sizes for conferences and workshops. You can use these screens as computer monitors, connect them to DVD-players and video recorders, digital terrestrial television, cable or satellite TV receivers or other video signal sources. The screens provide excellent image clarity. A powerful sound system may be connected as an additional boost for high-quality signal reception.
Eventech offers for hire 42’’-50” plasma-screens by Panasonic and Nec. Monitors can be placed on floor legs (1.5 m high) or used on desk stands (included).
15’’ – 19’’ LCD-screens by leading brands are offered as computer monitors, video monitoring displays and additional screens at panel discussions or stadium stands.


LED is everywhere these days and Eventech prides itself on having a rental product for every occasion. From flexible to transparent , indoor and outdoor LED screens, we specialize in helping you to find the right product and look for your show. No matter how simple or complex your ideas may be we have the products and the team to make them a reality.

Interfacing, Switching and Image Processing Systems

Eventech offers latest technology interfacing , switching and image processing systems such as Extron Electronics , BARCO, Analogway , Wings VIOSO , Dataton Watchout..

To ensure the success of your video- or PowerPoint presentation, please contact us and Eventech specialists will offer you the best solution.

Wide Screen Applications

The use of ultra wide screens and multiple projectors will make an impact at any event. Sharp and luminous images on a breathtaking scale can transform launches, ceremonies and conferences from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Combining the use of several specialist projectors with the power of the  Wings VIOSO Media Engine’s processing system allows for seamless high-definition images, from many different sources, to be displayed across massive screens. With this technology the screen size can be far larger than if only one projector is used but without losing clarity or brightness. Technology now allows us to compete with cinema on image size, but screen processing equipment and dynamic content allow us to go where cinema just can’t. 

The Wings VIOSO & Wings Platinum system enables multiple functions to be carried out simultaneously, displaying numerous windows with live camera, Powerpoint or Keynote presentations and graphics. This gives the producer the ability to completely customize any presentation. The easy to use, intuitive technology allows dynamic flexibility to create an impressive impact without unnecessary complexity. 

Eventech also has a range of specialist projectors available for hire, which we recommend using with the Wings VIOSO system. The technology does all the hard work by seamlessly blending the images from the projectors to create a flawless display. The powerful processors mean minimal delay and the technology makes light work of video content. 

Eventech can manage your event from start to finish or we can supply equipment to companies within the industry. We have Wings VIOSO & Wings Platinum systems, HD projectors and backup equipment available for any size of production and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further. 

 Wide Screen Presentation

When creating a large format presentation, rather than to fill the space with as much information as possible, the idea is to ensure that the information presented carries a powerful message. 

An understanding of the hardware and technology is essential to ensure the production of media is in the correct format and resolution to perform and look sharp on the larger scale. With a range of hardware and software solutions and a team of experienced creative media designers, we are masters at helping to develop your presentation and ensuring that the content is delivered with impact. 

We can develop an original presentation, and associated media, from scratch, or we can manage any number of existing media sources to design a structure which will blend it all together. We can offer a full visual presentation design service should it be required. 

For more information on creating widescreen presentations, contact us. 

Video Mapping

Video Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection. The goal of this site is to compile examples of impressive uses of video mapping techniques. 

Holographic 3D Projection

The "holographic 3D effect" of Eyeliner fascinated both our clients and their audiences. He is described as a unique and dynamic, and opens up new possibilities in the implementation of new media content.

The combination of specially developed transparent film allows eyeliner with high-performance high-definition projectors to project virtual images of different sizes with high brilliancy. This virtual hologram for example, appears on stage and with real people or things can interact on the back stage.

Eyeliner brings previously unseen virtual and holographic content on your event. Conferences, trade show booths, multimedia shows, shop applications or creative acts will receive a new and modern splendor.

Musion Eyeliner is unique worldwide and protected by patents.